Quarta-feira, 5 de Dezembro de 2007
Descansar a oposição

Bom, eu sempre me senti um pouco isolado no meu apoio a Giuliani neste blog, mas a preocupação do Carlos Novais não tem razão de ser. Pode ficar descansado que neste blog pode ainda encontrar pelo menos um apoiante do Rudy.

De ezequiel a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 20:36
remember this genius, for exaaample? There`s plenty more...


De Bruno Gonçalves a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 20:36
"Remember the years of prosperity, fiscal stability and international credibility of the Clinton Administration?"

Yeah, I remember. Mostly the first two, because at the time, no one knew who George W Bush was. or what was he going to do. And at an economical level, of course there were not bad memories. On the contrary.

But you see, by then you had a Republican congress, with Gingrich as speaker, who pushed through an ambitious economic plan. Clinton did fix the budget and sign into law the tax reduction plan approved in congress, as well as the welfare reform. But is that a reason to support Hillary? Not a chance.

She is already criticizing him for these things and lot more of his good work. His FTA agreements are the latest of Mrs. Clinton critiques. She already wants to approve dozens of bills, increasing dramatically the federal budget, install Hillaycare again, and so on...

Intelligent taxes? Please, there is no such thing. And speaking of sustained economic growth, these last years weren't so bad, were they? I know it must be hard to acknowledge, but the unemployment rate is at a record low. The rest of the things, yeah, a real mess. That's why we need Rudy. He's the only true fiscal conservative in the race, and we only need to check his record to know that.


De ezequiel a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 20:38
uauua, look...there it is..VACLAV HAVEL ...
I do hate when people LIE their asses off. I really do not like being lied to. :)


De ezequiel a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 21:22
"Most of the bills died in the Senate, except as noted below."


De ezequiel a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 21:57
Why don´t you (atlântico) invite Prof. Robert Reich to visit Portugal??

Mr. Irwin Stelzer, a brilliant man, could be one of the participants in the debate with Reich.

Atlántico could do that. If you did, damn, I would visit Lisbon...I would move faster than the wind!! eh ehe

the end

De ezequiel a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 21:50

I forgot to include this...



De Bruno Gonçalves a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 21:37
Há algum tempo que não discutia em inglês, hehe


De ezequiel a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 21:44
I am often aflicted by this malaise(precipitation).

This was not a jab directed at you. It is mere self-reflection.

A pleasure, always.

We have to get this country (Lusitania) moving...forget the past! The future matters far more.

Would you not agree? (this is a bit cheeky...you do not have to answer..in fact, it is best if you do not answer...I do not wish to contribute to any malaise)

stay KOOL! :)

De ezequiel a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 21:33
Precipitation is an expensive luxury in politics, dear Bruno. Some say it is a form of poisonous self-delusion.

De Bruno Gonçalves a 5 de Dezembro de 2007 às 21:30
Well, the wikipedia article isn't precise because it also states that:

"However, most parts of the Contract eventually became law in some fashion and represented a dramatic departure from the legislative goals and priorities of previous Congresses."

And if you see, most of bills were approved as the article describes. Many were changed however, due to negotiation with Clinton.

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